Gloom rereleased!

One of our devoted players created a very clean gloom install!

You can download Gloom here.

To begin, extract file to any directory, and run r1q2.exe inside. The game will load and all you have to do is hit F1 and you will join our active server. F2 will join our alternate server.

ESC will open the standard Quake2 menus, you can configure your settings there. TAB will show the scoreboard.

This version includes the most popular maps, however the game will automatically download any needed files/maps/etc if needed. Very easy to get started playing gloom immediately. Any game play questions can be found on on our sister site, PlanetGloom.

Linux users : Yes, r1q2 will run fine and fast under WINE.

It should be noted that you may have luck with this install connecting to other servers/mods easily to get you back into that Quake2 fun! QSB is included or you can use Q2servers.com to find games.

Come join us on discord, This should link you to the discussion.

Be sure to scroll down, all updates will be posted under this. (For the time being.)


For those of you looking to get started working with quake series of engines, here is the q3map2 wiki with instructions. It is part of GTKRadiant now, the best editor you should be using. For those of you working in Q3/D3 you may want to visit ShaderLab for tips and tools for creating shaders and how to maximize the visual effects these engines are capable of. This is a handy reference to q3map2 shaders. Use Q3ase for a gui tool to create them.

The best place to start mapping for IDTech is here. ALL the info you need to get started.

Hopefully, you found this handy getting pointed in the right direction.