Welcome to the future site of Gloom 2.0

Gloom was a game we developed around 20 years ago. Recently it was brought back by fans to move it up to modern technology.

Yes, The old servers are still running, you can find them on http://www.q2servers.com . Don’t laugh, some of us are dedicated gamers. CTF, Deathmatch, WF its a timeless game. Runs on the most minimal of hardware.

To begin, goto your local store and get yourself a proper copy of quake2. You will need the .PAK files. However, if you set up autodownload…yeeeaaa the server will feed them.

You can start with the demo version of Quake2, Easy to find from http://ftp.idsoftware.com Turn on autoDL to 1 and we will serve up maps.

If you want to know more, hit up http://www.planetgloom.com 

To begin you will need to download Gloom-1.3. It can be found on fileplanet.com. Link here : https://www.fileplanet.com/62920/60000/fileinfo/Gloom-1.3-[Full]

You will also want the allmappak – Gloom allmappak

I would like to add a big shout out to our close friends at  Tremulous. And a nice post for gloom help HERE.

Currently, discussion is being held at irc.breederhive.net and also at https://discordapp.com/channels/269103202266251265

We are looking for coders/modelers/artists any sort of dedicated developers.

For those looking for an alternative Quake2 Starter Pack look here at q2.tastyspleen.net.

You should also try out a copy of R1Q2 by my good friend R1ch. Proper q2 engine tweaked for speed.

In the end folks – r1q2 + included anticheat + proper copy of q2 + gloom 1.3 + allmap pack and your glooming. Yea its a bit of work but worth it. Turn on AutoDownload in the main menu and you will be in game.

Don’t forget to check the chat if you have problems, someone will help.